Its marvelous castle that rose in a strategic position between Campania and Puglia is certainly one of the most important medieval manors in Italy. It was here in 1231 that Frederick II promulgated the Constitutiones Augustales, furthermore, no less than four papal councils were held here, and in 1089 the first crusade to the Holy Land was banned by Pope Urban II.

The castle is surrounded by as many as ten towers, of which seven are rectangular and three pentagonal in plan. Its origins date back to the late 11th century by the Normans. 

The guided tour with our local guide begins with the Rapolla marble sarcophagus from the 2nd century A.D., on the lid of which the deceased is depicted “sleeping” and on whose slabs Roman gods and heroes are represented, testifying to the aristocratic origins of the family to which the woman belonged.

Next we move on to visit the National Archaeological Museum of the Melfese “Massimo Pallottino.” Inside are grave goods from the 7th-3rd centuries B.C., red-figure pottery and monumental vases with polychrome decoration.

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