Metapontum is one of the oldest centers in Basilicata and a symbol of Hellenic culture. Located on the Ionian coast between the Bradano and Basento rivers.

The city features important archaeological sites such as the Archaeological Park of Apollonius Lycius (which includes, among other things, the urban sanctuary and part of the agora) and the marvelous Tavole Palatine (the Doric temple, also known as the “School of Pythagoras,” was built by the Achaeans in 630 B.C. and was part of an extra-urban sacred area connected to the worship of the goddess Hera). 

In addition, the National Archaeological Museum of Metapontum is a must if you want to learn about the history of this ancient city-in fact, the visit with our guide starts right from the museum where the visitor can discover the history of the area from the initial forms of peopling by the Oenotrians during the Bronze and Iron Ages, to the conquest of the Greeks first and then the Romans, until the gradual abandonment of the city. The visit will end at the archaeological site of Pantanello, one of the most studied in Metapontum, where the remains of an extra-urban sanctuary and farmhouse, a Neolithic site, a necropolis and a late Roman furnace have been found.

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