One of the most characteristic villages in Italy that was the birthplace of Horace Flaccus, promoter of the motto “Carpe Diem!” 

Venosa was an important Roman Municipium, its importance grew especially thanks to the Appian Way, which passed through here and thus allowed flourishing trade.

 The visit will begin at the Archaeological Park inside which it will be possible to visit the baths, the domus, the Holy Trinity and the amphitheater. 

 The visit continues with the S.S. Trinità composed of the Ancient Church of the 5th-7th centuries; Behind whose apse will be visited “the Unfinished,” originally conceived to contain a larger number of worshippers but never finished due to the abandonment of Venosa by the Benedictines; and with the Aragonese castle Pirro del Balzo of the 16th century, a majestic construction with a square plan and four cylindrical towers surrounded by a deep moat. Inside is the national archaeological museum containing mainly Roman artifacts.

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