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In the company of our guide, you will visit the famous 11th-12th century Basilica of St Nicholas, dedicated to Bishop Nicholas.

The Basilica of St Nicholas represents the greatest example of Romanesque architecture in Apulia. Inside, of great value is the Elias Chair, an episcopal chair made entirely of marble dating back to the 12th century, and the crypt where the saint’s remains are kept.

Another very important monument is the Cathedral of San Sabino to which the Diocesan Museum is attached.

It is possible to combine the guided tour of Bari with that of Canosa di Puglia for a full day’s service.  Canosa is an archaeological centre of fundamental importance throughout Italy. Here you can admire the Cathedral of San Sabino, the Mausoleum of Boemondo, the Palazzo Sinesi, the Domus of via Montescupolo and the local hypogea.

Gourmet routes

Traditional dishes from Bari: Bari cuisine can boast several dishes that are now known throughout Italy and even abroad, such as focaccia, panzerotti, tarallini and orecchiette; the latter is a homemade pasta (seasoned with fresh tomato, meat sauce or turnip tops). The “orecchiette pugliesi” is a typical Apulian kind of pasta obtained by kneading durum wheat meal, water and salt.  They have the typical shape of little ears.

In the streets of Arco Alto and Arco Basso in Bari, it is not difficult to meet elderly ladies making orecchiette on their doorstep. 


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