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Gallipoli is a popular tourist destination all over the world, for its beaches, entertainment, but also for its art, culture, and typical gastronomy.

Our guided tours usually start in the area of the port of Gallipoli.  Many important monuments are concentrated nearby, such as the Greek Fountain, the Chapel of Santa Cristina, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Canneto, and the Castle.  Continuing along the main axis of the old town, via Antonietta De Pace, we reach the Cathedral of Sant’Agata, and then on to the Riviera and the splendid churches of the local confraternities.

We recommend visiting the town especially during the Easter period as the Rites of Holy Week in Gallipoli are truly evocative and touching.

Gourmet routes

Traditional Gallipoli dishes: Gallipoli is a seaside town and offers very fresh fish dishes.


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