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Grecìa Salentina

In the heart of Salento lives a community that preserves language, culture and traditions of Hellenic origin: Grecìa Salentina.

The origin of the Greek communities in this part of Italy is not always agreed upon by various scholars. Some think of a connection with ancient Magna Graecia, others with the Byzantine period.

The Grecìa Salentina, comprising 11 municipalities, is an entirely Greekised area that has managed to maintain Greek customs, traditions and culture over time. With us you can choose to visit the village that most intrigues you or combine the visit of the most characteristic centres such as Calimera, or Corigliano d’Otranto with its marvellous castle, Cutrofiano “the town of ceramics”, Melpignano now famous throughout the world for its summer festival called the Notte della Taranta.

Gourmet routes

Traditional dishes of Salento Greece: Ciceri e Trie (handmade pasta with chickpeas).


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