Martina Franca

The city overlooks the entire Itria Valley and the characteristic Trulli.

 Accompanied by our local guide, you will walk through the alleys of the characteristic old town centre that will lead you to the Basilica of San Martino, to admire an eloquent example of Martina Baroque. 

The Palazzo Ducale with its 18th-century paintings decorating the interiors overlooks the triangular Piazza Roma. In Martina Franca, in July and August, the Festival della Valle d’Itria has been held for more than forty years, dedicated to 17th-century classical music and 19th-century Belcanto.

It is possible to combine a visit to Martina Franca , for a full-day tour, with a visit to nearby Locorotondo ( 6 km to the north) .

A beautiful town perched on a hilltop, around which the town has grown over time, arranging houses and streets in a circle. Here it will be possible to visit the Church of Santa Maria dei Greci, the Church of San Giorgio and end with a splendid walk to admire the view of the wonderful Valle d’Itria.

Gourmet routes

Our idea is to combine an itinerary of your choice with the chance to sample some of the area’s gastronomic excellence through our original Percorsi Golosi and Eno Percorsi.

Martina Traditional Dishes:. The town is famous for its cured meats and fine meats eaten in typical local bracerie A true gastronomic speciality is capocollo (a local sausage that has also arrived in recent years on the elegant counters of London department stores such as Harrod’s).

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