Vieste & Peschici

The town of Vieste is located in the province of Foggia and is known as the ‘Pearl of the Gargano’. Characteristic is its stacks, called Pizzomunno, a monolith about 25 metres high located at the beginning of the beach south of the town. Don’t miss a guided tour of the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, the castle overlooking the sea and the ‘Chianca Amara’, or ‘the stone of blood and tears’. On this rock, in fact, in the 16th century, almost 5000 Viestani lost their lives by decapitation at the hands of the Turks. This is why the entire Gargano coastline from Vieste to Peschici is dotted with ancient watchtowers, generally quadrangular in shape, whose purpose was to defend the city from the enemy coming from the sea. On the same coastline, it is possible to visit the naturalistic-archaeological oasis called ‘La Salata’, an ancient burial complex that houses more than 300 tombs dating back to the 3rd century A.D., immersed in a natural oasis of incomparable beauty.

The coast from Vieste to Peschici is also dotted with highly original contraptions used in the past for fishing: the famous Trabucchi. The Trabucchi are wooden structures consisting of stilts anchored to the land and equipped with antennae stretching out into the deep sea. It is still possible to admire numerous testimonies of them today.

In Peschici, on the other hand, it will be possible to admire the Mother Church of Sant’Elia, the 1600 ‘Casa bottega’ (with a wealth of ethnographic tools), the 11th century Norman Castle, located on an evocative cliff with torture instruments and white weapons inside (one of the best exhibitions in Italy.

Gourmet routes

Our idea is to combine an itinerary of your choice with the possibility of tasting some of the area’s gastronomic excellences through our original Percorsi Golosi and Eno Percorsi.

Traditional Viestani dishes: Muschiska (dried meat of sheep, goat or veal) and the local fish soup ‘U’ ciambott’. Typical desserts include k’ lustr covered in honey and almonds.

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